Demon Crew Awards



Oarsman of the Year & Oarswoman of the Year

-Given to an individual man & woman who goes above and beyond their duties as a rower

Erg King & Erg Queen

-Given to the man & woman who has the best erg time in the school year. Note:  Prior to 2000, the Erg King & Erg Queen was awarded during a single end-of-year test.

Novice Man of the Year & Novice Woman of the Year

-Voted by the varsity team and given to the novice man & woman who displays leadership qualities as a novice.

Coxswain of the Year

-Voted by the entire team and given to the coxswain that possesses unequivocal leadership traits.

Spring Training Triathlon 

-Given to the man & woman who wins the annual Spring Training Triathlon held during Spring Break.

Other Awards & Honors

-Other awards & honors within the team as well as some interesting facts about the team.